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We are an ecolodge in Peru, located within 14 hectares in the town of Villa Rica. In it you can enjoy different activities and venture through the wonders of Peruvian Jungle. Our theme is total disconnection, integration with family and friends, for that reason   we do not have some services that could be found normally in the city as: internet, Wi-Fi and ´cell phone signal is very poor.



- Check - In: 14:00 hrs.

- Check - Out: 12:00 hrs.

- Late Check Out: applies 50% of the agreed rate for a stay of maximum 6 hours from the published Check - Out time. After this period will be considered full rate.






- Breakfast: 06:30 hrs - 10:30 hrs

- Lunch and Dinner: 12:00 hrs – 21:00 hrs.

Note: lunch and dinner services are provided with prior coordination, these must be required at least 4 hours prior. The guest is the one who indicates at what time he would eat within the previously established time range.


- Bar Area: 11:00 hrs - 02:00 hrs.

- Room service: 08:00 hrs - 20:00 hrs.

- Parking Area: 06:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs.

- Grill Area: 11:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs.

- Farm tour (direction to  La Sal river): 11:00 hrs or 16:00 hrs.

- Tour Cerro La Sal Nursery: 15:00 hrs.

- Bonfire Zone: 19:00 hrs.

- Bingo: 20:00 hrs.

- Playground: 08:00 hrs – 19:00 hrs.

Note: to let guests enjoy the free activities he would register or coordinate with administrative staff beforehand. The quotas are limited. The activities can be canceled or rescheduled as because  of the  weather conditions and management availability.

- Pachamanca Area: 07:00 hrs - 19:00 hrs.

- Camping Area: 24 hrs.

- All-terrain Vehicle Rental: 11:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs.

- Bicycle Rental: :11:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs.

- Laundry: 09:00 hrs – 15:00 hrs.

Restaurant and Food Services

Additional Services


Additional Free Services



Reservation Policies


To concrete the reservations the 50% advance payment must be made as aBooking fee, the rest must be canceled no more than 7 days before making the check-in at the Ecolodge without exception; otherwise  it will be considered as Not Shown.

For SPECIAL RESERVATIONS such as: Easter, Peru´s National day, APEC, New Year and Corporate Travel, THE MINIMUM STAY IS 3 NIGHTS.


The paymentticket or bank operation number, names or passengers´ list with their respective ID, Passport and/or International Card should be send  via email (info @ cerrolasal.com) as well of the reservation days. In order to have a flow communication our guests should be let us know their contact numbers and/or email.


To request the cancellation of your RECONFIRMED Reservation, this must be communicated by telephone and via email. Cancellations prior 15 days arrival to the Ecolodge is penalized with 50% of the reservation total cost. In the case the prior would be 10 days before arrival the penalty will be 100% of the reservation total cost. Additionally, the reservation that haven´t been takenwould be considered as No Show, without the chance to request reimbursement. It is considered a cancelled reservation when 100% fulfilled payment have not done during  indicated date, without exception and without option to reimbursement.


To disburse aid  the payment and the reservation, the guest must make a bank payment to our BCP Soles account: 191-1977878-0-63 on behalf of: SERVICIOS TURISTICOS CERRO LA SAL SAC. Via email (info@cerrolasal.com) send us the deposit or the bank operation number, plus the list of passengers and the travel date Before the payment, is better to previously check the availability of the rooms. The rates confirmed in US dollars or euros are guaranteed in the amount established if they are paid in the same currency with which the reservation was made. If this is not complied with, we reserve the right to change the currency according to our quote for the day.

- Minimum 2 adults.
- Children until 2 years old share services with parents. (There is no option of additional bed).
- Children from 3 to 7 years old has 10% discount (does not apply on special dates).

- Children from 8 years pay the full rate.

- The rate of stay includes Continental breakfast which consists of: 1 glass of fruit juice from our farm station, 1 cup of last coffee, 4 breads, butter and jam. Any variation of the same will have an additional cost.
- Breakfast hours are from 8:00 hrs at to 10:00 hrs, if the guest opt for a different schedule he or she must previously coordinate with the service hotel staff.
- Lunch or dinner service must be coordinated at least 4 hours beforehand. For example: at breakfast the guest indicates that he or she wants to take lunch this day and make the respective payment, it will be ready at the time he or she indicates.
- If the guest doesn´,t consume your order within the established time, your food will be saved. In the case of salads or fresh fruits there is no right to claim if they are withered or rusty.

- Our restaurant area is outdoors.

- Any additional free service must be coordinated in advance and confirmed by our staff at hotel, otherwise they cannot be available or reserve previously by other guest.
- Our free services are not included in the payment of your stay, for this reason no claims are accepted if the guests cannot use them. We reserve the right to organize them according to the weather conditions and availability of the administration.
- We have two schedules for the river La Sal tour, in the morning at 09:00 hrs or in the afternoon at 15:30 hrs. If the guest does not comply with the schedule there is no right to claim.

- The explorations within the Farm always should be guided by a member of our staff, or within the authorized route. We are not responsible for any unforeseen event that may arise in unscheduled or authorized explorations. It should be taken into consideration that the farm occupies 14 hectares of forest where we can find different types of plants or animals that could cause harm to humans.

- For any additional use of towels or lost keys, any damages or purchases in the bazaar would have an extra amount that the client should be paid.
- Any damage or deterioration within the room, or within the facilities of Cerro La Sal must be paid by the client.

- The belongings of the guests lost or forgotten at the hotel will be stored for a maximum of 03 months. After that period of time there are no claim rights.

For any dissatisfaction, guests can send their complaints or call 01-504-7575 / 51-999-094-631 to follow them up. Any claim or disagreement with about the payment ticket must be processed up to a maximum of 20 days. After this period they will not be accepted in return.

- You must have the yellow fever vaccine.
- You must bring repellent and sunscreen.

- You must bring sunglasses, a hat, light clothes, sandals and a raincoat for rainy seasons.


- We are in the Amazonian plain closest to Lima, which means being submerged among abundant nature, walks in the middle of them, insects, among others.

- Our theme seeks to disconnect and live a different experience, in the tropical are, we do not have a telephone signal, or internet. It should be noted that mobile signal (just Movistar mobile telephony) is irregular.

- Prices do not include VAT; Through the Law of Promotion of Investment in the Amazon we are exempt from the VAT.
- Any irregularity must be reported in the in-situ hotel, so appropriate measures are taken.

- Smoking is not allowed inside the restaurant, rooms, bathrooms and other interior areas, we invite you to use the outside area of ​​the hotel to do so.

- Prices are subject to modifications without prior notice, due to availability of services, monetary adjustments or final modifications in itinerary and / or service.
- The elaboration and use of any type of legally prohibited object or substance or any type of weapon is prohibited.
- Due to the possible prices changes depending on the time of year, these rates must be previously confirmed by the guest at the time of booking.
- All requests via email must be answered by the team of Cerro La Sal Ecolodge, otherwise the case will be considered as not valid.
- Cerro la Sal Ecolodge is not responsible for damage or delay due to circumstances outside its facilities, such as: natural disasters (earthquakes, storms, floods, fog, mudslides, etc.), wars, accidents, strikes, riots, demonstrations, civil commotion, loss, damage, accidents. Likewise, it is not responsible for any delay caused by ways of transportation, flight and / or service that guests can have contracted. Therefore, we cannot be held liable.

- It is not allowed the use of equipment or instruments that disturb, as well as loud conversations, shouts or verbiage that threaten the peace or cause embarrassment to other guests, especially in the period between 22:00 hrs to 7:00 hours. Therefore, after 22:00 hrs, silence must be respected by everyone, except for internal hotel events, where all guests are aware of their development.

Children's Policies

Policies on the use of the Food and Restaurant Service

Policies on our Additional Free Services

Policies of Deteriorated, Damaged or Lost Objects

Claims outside the Ecolodge

Considerations for your trip to Peruvian Jungle



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